How to update the Laravel project

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When you create a new Laravel project with composer or the Laravel command line laravel new, there is no git repository installed in the main directory of the project. In some situations you do not require the latest version of the Laravel project, but if you do it is handy to know that you can easily update the Laravel project. … Read More

Optimise Theme x for mobile devices

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Optimize theme X for mobile devices

You may have noticed that I am using Theme X for my website. Unfortunately, the creators decided to have a more universal design that looks the same on every device instead of a design that really works for every device. So, we have to do the work ourselves but how can we optimise Theme X for mobile devices?

Embed Gists in WordPress without a plugin

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Make love between the two!

I was looking for a solution where I easily can embed gists in WordPress without requiring an additional¬†plugin. Fortunately, I had found an easy but outdated solution for this.¬†The URL structure of Github only has changed for a little bit, so I have updated the regular expression and the javascript file. How to install the embed Gists in WordPress plugin? … Read More