Powerline adapters: The lazy way to create a cable network with Power Strips

Daniel KoopHardware, NetworkLeave a Comment

I always have been wondering if powerline adapters are stable and what transfer speed they get with a power strip. I prefer to have a 1 Gbit network with real shielded network cables. However, in some situations it is not possible to lay a physical cable. Instead you depend on wifi, and in this case the wifi did not reach the sleeping room. As a solution I choose to install the Devolo dlan 500 powerline adapter with a second wifi adapter (Devolo Dlan 500 WiFi Starter Kit).

As the sleeping room only has limited sockets available, I prefer to have the powerline adapters in a power strip. However, this is not recommended as it may downgrade your network performance. In this case I only need access to an internet connection with limited speed, so a high throughput is not required as long as it is stable.

A little while ago I have received the powerline adapters. As curious as I am with gadgets, I started immediately the challenge with creating a powerline network. I had installed the powerline network in a few minutes using the included guide. I did not expect it to be this easy. Especially since I did not the quality of the power strips.

So far the connection is stable. As there is in this location no high-speed internet connection available and I do not have other devices connected to the network, I am unable to do a speed test. However, the latency seems to be almost the same. It only takes 3-7 ms to ping the router via wifi and the powerline adapters, and most importantly, they work properly with multiple sockets. According to the cockpit application, I am able to reach 155 MBps (although I do see spikes up to 180 Mbit.

The Devolo adapters comes with a nice application for your computer (OS X, Windows or Linux) and phone (Apple and Android). Since I am an iOS user, I only have screenshots of the Devolo iOS app.